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Who We Are

Vivian R Treves


Vivian Treves, President of The Treves Network/ European Film & TV Representatives, Inc. is a native New Yorker of Italian background. She attended Pembroke college(Brown University from 1968-1970) and then transferred to Sarah Lawrence college where she recieved her BA in 1972. In 1974 she received an MBA in Arts Administration from UCLA. 

Ms. Treves began her career as an associate producer for RAI where she made a number of documentaries on politics, medicine, history, music, and the entertainment field. She refined her skills in business as Vice President of several family-owned companies, as well as serving for two years as the New York Office Coordinator for the Dino De Laurantis Corporation. 

In the early 1980's she directed her expertise to the corporate world. Her projects include work for American Express, GTE, and AT&T. 

In the 1990's Ms. Treves came down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also known as ME. Her work activities stopped due to the illness. Ms. Treves devoted her time to further understanding of the illness by serving as a national spokesperson in the U.S and abroad. As she recovered she continued her consulting work. 

Ms. Treves also has international experience. She has lived and worked both in Europe and in the United States, and has filmed in South America, Asia, and Australia.

 In addition, Ms. Treves has written about culture and the arts for several European magazines. 

The Treves family first came to Palm Beach in 1968. Renata Colombo Treves and Peter Treves, Ms. Treves' parents, began spending winters at first and eventually became residents of Palm Beach in the 1980's. Peter Treves opened an office at Paine Webber. He and Renata were founding members of Il Circolo Italiano. Renata was on the Board of the Palm Beach Symphony for many years. Both were active in supporting the arts and culture in many ways. Vivian Treves moved to Palm Beach in 2013 with her daughter, Allegra, and is pleased to continue with family tradition.

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